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  • Project Management: On time, on budget, pass inspection
  • Puning Specifications: Not the same for all trees all the time.
  • Contract  Specifications: What needs to be accomplished; what is going to be accomplished when and by whom.
  • Contracting Service: Arrange for the execution of the sustainable solutions
  • Professional Mangrove Trimmer: Mangrove management and permitting for trimming, alteration, planting and mitigation. Qualified in Florida and all delegated management areas, Miami-Dade County, Pinellas County, Hillsborough Conty, Sarasota County and Jupiter Island.
  • Reporting Service: Provide a written report by Certified Expert.
  • Research, Mitigation and Negotiation Service: . Review plans with explanations or suggestions. Determine what may or may not be regulated in order to formulate a solution.
  • Tree Risk Assessment: Risk assessment and risk management are critical to community forest management. 
  • Tree Mapping: Sub-foot GPS/GIS Mapping or manual techniques are offered. Multiple data fields are available with; species, DSH, height, canopy, picture, health and condition. Digital photographic images are also available.
  • Appraisal: Provide report needed for appraisal before damage or change. Assign value from Trunk Formula (CTLA) calculation for protection, coverage or replacement.
  • Storm Damage Repair/Code Compliance: Execute permitting, mitigation and remediation within agency or municipal regulations and arboricultural practices.
  • Storm Preparation: Provide pruning recommendations and specifications. Quality control service and final product. Inventory of trees and landscape.




  Green Spaces Consulting
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