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This is a partial list of Specimen Trees Available and specifications.
Services range from loading to delivery, complete installation & bracing.
Call for the price on a particular tree. Visit the trees to make your selection.
cell: 561-723-4826 


                                      Florida Strangler Fig, Ficus aurea, Nutt.                                     

20" Height x 20" Caliper

Available for transplanting


Florida Strangler Fig, Ficus aurea, Nutt.
30'+ H x 30+ W
Available for transplanting


ROYAL PALM: Roystonea regis

16' GW, 28' OA, Available !


ROYAL PALM: Roystonea regis

34' GW, 48'+/-OA, Available !!

Collection+Transportation+Installation !! One move = Collection to you.

Full service available-or- f.o.b



Council Tree: Ficus altissima, Beautiful Centerpiece

Not too large, 18' H x 20'+ W

Full service or f.o.b. available

Gumbo Limbo Tree 4.JPGGumbo Limbo: Bursera simaruba

The selection continues to grow. Check back often.

18'Hx20'W, beautiful specimen, ready to go!

35'Hx30'W, large tree, ready to go!

24'Hx22'W, character, ready to go!

18'Hx10W, nice smaller tree, ready to go!




GUMBO LIMBO: Bursera simaruba
Gumbo Limbo Tree 1.JPG
24'Hx22'W, character, root pruned and ready to go!
Gumbo Limbo: Bursera simaruba
Gumbo Limbo Tree 5.JPG
Beautiful large tree. 20' x 25'

Coconut Palm Tree Crane.JPGCoconut Palm: Cocos nucifera 
Full Service:
One call for your Coconut solution!
Many heights to choose from.
Curved, straight, extreme.

AGAVE: Agave sp.
Agave 1.JPG
A variety of sizes and species to choose from.

Palm Beach County Field Grown Trees : : : ALL PRICED TO SELL : : :
Chrismas Palm (Adonidia merrillii)
Royal Palm (Roystonea regia)
Bismarckia PalmSilver (Bismarckia nobilis)
Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera)

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